I’m Joe Carlsmith. I’m a research analyst at Open Philanthropy, and a doctoral student in philosophy at the University of Oxford. You can learn more about me on my personal website, here. Here’s a photo:

My aim for this blog is mostly to

(a) clarify and express various things that matter to me,

(b) in a public context that makes dialogue possible,

(c) at quality standards compatible with posting regularly and not spending too much time on each post,

(d) in a way that helps create the type of world I hope we can create.

I chose the name partly to remind me of this aim. “Hands” is mostly about (a) and (b). “Cities” is mostly about (d).

All opinions my own, not speaking on behalf of my employer. 

My favorite posts so far are this one, on the value of creating happy people; this one, on future people looking back at us; this one, on Utopia; and this one, on death.